Billings, Montana, Truck Accident Attorney

Any type of vehicle accident can result in serious injuries. However, there are certain situations that result in a higher risk of an accident having extreme consequences. Accidents involving commercial trucks — tractor-trailers, semis and 18-wheelers — are particularly hazardous. The size and weight of these vehicles are alone enough to increase the risk of injury they pose, but that risk is further heightened when the truck is hauling oil or heavy machinery to or from an oil field.

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At the law firm of Towe, Ball, Mackey, Sommerfeld & Turner, PLLP, our attorneys are experienced in handling the various injuries that result from work at the Bakken oil fields. Work on the oil fields requires heavy machinery and materials that must be hauled across Montana highways, posing a potential risk to all drivers. If you were injured in Billings or eastern Montana because of a truck accident, you can protect your rights by securing representation by a skilled personal injury lawyer.

It is difficult to deny that the oil industry has benefited the region financially, but there has been a cost. The hazardous working conditions and materials and the rush to get the product to market have resulted in frequent, and sometimes serious, injuries. Before the oil boom, local roads were not expected to handle the type of traffic that the oil fields provide. The demand that this heavy equipment puts on local roadways poses a risk to workers and innocent drivers alike.

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It is an unfortunate truth that the work taking place at the Bakken oil fields poses a risk of serious injury and even death to local residents and drivers. Even with the greatest care and attention, truck accidents can occur when heavy and powerful equipment is regularly being used and transported.

For various reasons, workers' compensation will not always fully cover your injuries when an accident harms you as an employee. You may find yourself in need of legal assistance to make sure you receive complete compensation for the injuries you suffered.

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