Car Accident Compensation Attorney

Being involved in a vehicle accident can have far-reaching effects on your life. Injuries result in medical bills and may require you to miss work. There is likely damage to your vehicle, and you may not be able to drive it while it is being repaired, or even permanently, if the damage is severe. Even when your immediate medical care is complete and your vehicle is fixed, you may suffer long-term pain and suffering.

Get Qualified Legal Help To Ensure You Are Fully Compensated

At Towe, Ball, Mackey, Sommerfeld & Turner, PLLP, in Billings, our personal injury attorneys work hard to get you full compensation for all the ways a vehicle accident has affected your life. We understand the different types of compensation available, and we will work with you to obtain everything to which you are entitled. The importance of a qualified attorney is heightened when the driver who caused your accident was uninsured or underinsured. Below is a brief description of the different categories of compensation available in vehicle accident cases.

  • Medical expenses: If you were injured in a car accident, medical bills will result. You should not be responsible for those costs if someone else caused the accident that injured you. Medical expenses can be extensive and may include bills for an ambulance ride, an initial emergency room visit, doctors' appointments, tests including X-rays and MRIs, physical therapy and any medical supplies a doctor deems necessary. In addition to medical costs that have already accrued, we will also pursue compensation to cover future medical expenses for medical services that are likely, but have not yet occurred when we resolve your case.
  • Pain and suffering: This category of recovery is intended to compensate you for any physical and mental distress you suffer as a result of the accident. The amount of this compensation depends upon the type and severity of your injuries. You are also potentially entitled to recover compensation for pain and suffering that is likely to occur in the future. There are certain situations in which you may be able to recover damages for mental anguish, like stress and anxiety. An experienced lawyer is best qualified to help you maximize your pain and suffering compensation.
  • Lost wages and diminished earning capacity: If an auto accident caused you to miss work, you are entitled to compensation for the wages you did not receive. In addition to time you were out of work due to your injuries stemming from the accident, you may also be entitled to lost wages if you had to miss work to attend medical appointments or therapies. If the injuries you suffered reduced your ability to earn what you were capable of earning before the accident, you may be entitled to compensation for that too.
  • Loss of consortium: This is a category of damages to which your uninjured spouse may be entitled. If your injury has resulted in the loss of your ability to show affection to your spouse, including the ability to engage in sexual activities, compensation may be available. Your spouse's right to be compensated for loss of consortium requires that you recover damages for your injuries. If you lost a loved one in a vehicle accident, you or another family member may be entitled to receive damages for the loss of his or her companionship.

Learn The Types Of Compensation You Are Due

Contact one of the experienced vehicle accident lawyers of Towe, Ball, Mackey, Sommerfeld & Turner, PLLP, to discuss your case. We cannot undo the harm a car accident caused you, but we will put our best efforts toward getting the full compensation you deserve. Complete our online contact form or call our office at 406-534-0288 or 800-838-3083 to schedule a free initial consultation.