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Divorce financial planner may be helpful during divorce

During a marital break up, making ill-informed financial decisions is easy. After all, dealing with both the financial aspect and the emotional aspect of divorce can be overwhelming and confusing. For this reason, eliciting the assistance of a financial planner may be expedient when navigating divorce in Montana.

Financial planning is particularly essential for those who have been told without warning that their breadwinning spouses want to get divorced from them. Naturally, their biggest concern may be how to maintain their current standards of living. This is particularly true for those who have not been in the workforce for years and thus must figure out how to support themselves in today's business landscape.

Tips for handling conflicts with a co-parent

Trying to work through everything that comes with having children around during a divorce isn't easy. For some adults, the ability to put their own feelings aside and truly focus on the children brings up an interesting arrangement. These parents might opt to co-parent, which means that they continue to work as a team to raise the children.

If you have a co-parenting relationship, you should realize that there is a good chance that you and your ex will have spats at some point. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to make it through your child's entire life without disagreements. During those times, you might need to refocus on the children.

Car accidents may occur due to carelessness in weather conditions

A couple recently lost their lives in a Montana automobile crash, leaving grieving loved ones to wonder how the wreck could have happened. These types of car accidents can easily occur due to the negligence of a driver -- for instance, perhaps the driver was driving too quickly for road conditions. In this case, those affected by the negligent behavior have the right to seek justice through the civil court system.

According to police, the couple who lost their lives in the recent accident included a man who was 31 and a woman who was 33. The crash happened at around 1:30 a.m. on a Tuesday along U.S. Highway 2.

Divorce team is 1 of most important decisions during breakup

Ending a marriage in Montana is a major ordeal both financially and emotionally. Unfortunately, the process can feel drawn out for those seeking to tackle their divorce issues aggressively and achieve the finality needed to move on as quickly as possible. One's personal divorce team is important in dictating the financial and emotional outcome of the divorce proceeding.

The creation of a professional team is one of the most essential decisions to make when embarking on the process of divorce. After all, advice from family members and friends can be helpful only to a point. A valuable person to add to this professional team is a therapist, who can help with sorting out the emotions brought on by divorce so that logical decisions can be made at the negotiation table.

Being thankful for divorce is possible for a few reasons

Understandably, navigating the dissolution of a marriage can be stressful. Nevertheless, divorce does have some positives, and dwelling on these instead of the negative aspects of divorce may make it easier to deal with. There are multiple reasons to be thankful for going through divorce proceedings in Montana, no matter how acrimonious or complex it may be.

One reason to be grateful for divorce is that new traditions can be created following the divorce. For instance, perhaps a spouse loathed spending time with the in-laws during the holidays. After a divorce has been finalized, this is no longer necessary. Instead, the spouse can create brand-new traditions with the children on his or her own terms.

Holidays following divorce can be challenging without the kids

A parent's first Thanksgiving or Christmas following the dissolution of a marriage is generally not easy. Unfortunately, even the 10th holiday can still be a challenge. A few tips may help to make the holidays more manageable -- emotionally -- following divorce in Montana.

First, making alternative holiday-related dates with the children can be helpful for getting through Thanksgiving and Christmas without a hitch. Just because a parent does not have the children for one of these holidays does not mean that the holiday has to be a bust. Instead, the parent can choose a day that he or she is with the children before or after the holiday to celebrate that particular holiday. The celebration can even include brand-new traditions of which the children will be excited to be a part.

Divorce can be especially problematic for those over 40

The emotional turbulence that accompanies the dissolution of a marriage in Montana can alone be overwhelming for those ending their marriage. Having to address the finances can feel like adding salt to the proverbial wound. This is particularly true for those who are going through divorce past the age of 40.

The divorce rate for Americans above 40 has been increasing over the past two decades. In fact, it has doubled for those over age 50. Getting divorced later in life can be problematic, as it might make it difficult to continue saving for a comfortable retirement.

Car accidents on icy roads may lead to injuries, death

A man, age 37, recently lost his life in a tragic Montana motor vehicle accident. Four other individuals suffered injuries in the head-on car accident. These types of car accidents often occur due to the carelessness of a motorist behind the wheel -- for instance, driving too quickly for weather conditions -- which is grounds for civil litigation in the state.

The car accident took place at around 7 p.m. on a Saturday. Police said a man was headed north along Highway 287 and suddenly lost control of his pickup truck. He then struck another pickup truck that was in the highway's southbound lane. The man driving the first truck was pronounced dead at the accident scene.

Understanding medical child support

When parents choose to divorce, they must reach fair agreements about a number of issues surrounding raising their child. If divorcing parents do not reach reasonable agreements through working together, a court will step in and issue orders for the best interests of the child. Should you and your child's parent divorce, you want to prioritize your child's care and make sure that you address every pertinent issue.

One aspect of raising a child that parents may neglect to fully address is medical child support. Each parent bears some degree of responsibility for the medical care of the child and the associated costs. As you work through parenting agreements, custody agreements and child support terms, be sure to understand your obligations to them. You don't want the care of your child to suffer because of a misunderstanding in this area.

Finances important focus area when navigating divorce

The financial aspect of dissolving a marriage is often stressful and complicated. This is particularly true for those who fail to prepare before going to court. A few financial matters are important to address as early as possible in a divorce proceeding in Montana.

One of the biggest areas of conflict during divorce is property distribution. Divorcing spouses must pinpoint what assets must be divided between them -- any assets that are deemed marital property. Likewise, identifying what is separate property is critical, as this type of property is not subject to property division. Then, valuing the assets that need to be split is essential; this process might involve hiring an appraiser.