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Car accidents: 1 killed, 2 injured in crash at intersection

Failing to adhere to traffic lights and stop signs upon entering an intersection can be a dangerous decision. Those who encounter a similar form of negligence typically have little time to react to the situation and the fallout of such car accidents could place the well-being of everyone involved in jeopardy. One person has died and two more suffered injuries during a recent collision that took place at an intersection in Montana.

Authorities say they received reports of the crash at around 3 p.m. on a recent Wednesday. According to reports, the accident occurred after a driver failed to yield the right of way to another vehicle upon approaching an intersection. Emergency responders advised that two people suffered injures in the crash, one of whom was airlifted to a nearby medical facility, while a third person was pronounced dead at the scene.

Car accidents: Crash claims life of 9-year-old boy in Montana

Operating a vehicle at a high rate of speed can be dangerous under any circumstance, especially in areas where children reside. Kids who are walking or riding their bikes in rural areas may find it nearly impossible to react quickly enough to move out of the path of a speeding vehicle. Similar car accidents run the unfortunate risk of leaving surviving loved ones grieving over the untimely loss of a child. A 9-year-old boy was hit and killed during a recent collision in Montana.

According to reports, the accident took place as the child was attempting to cross the street with his scooter on a recent Sunday evening. Initial investigations indicate that the boy was struck by a southbound driver who was traveling at speeds of nearly double the posted limit of 35 mph. Police advised that the child was pronounced dead at the scene shortly thereafter and stated that the driver of the vehicle chose to flee the scene.

Car accidents: 3 injured in crash on two-lane road

There are a variety of two-lane roads where drivers may constantly encounter sharp curves that limit visibility. Even those who travel at or below the appropriate speed may find it difficult to react quickly enough to avoid collision should another vehicle suddenly appear in their path. Car accidents involving such circumstances could pose a significant threat to the safety of everyone involved and three individuals suffered injuries in a recent crash on a two-lane road in Montana.

The accident is said to have occurred on a recent Monday evening as the three individuals were traveling along a two-lane road in Glacier National Park. According to reports, the driver of the car was forced to swerve after suddenly encountering a vehicle that had stopped in the road. The car proceeded to run off the side of the road before falling nearly 40 feet down a nearby embankment.

Marital debts may play a significant role in divorce

Couples in Montana and elsewhere may accumulate a significant portion of assets and debts over the course of a marriage. Upon making the decision to part ways, many may feel that obtaining information on the true value of assets could be key to preparing for subsequent negotiations. However, marital debts may also play a significant role in the outcome of a divorce and these financial obligations can come in a variety of forms.

One of the most common forms of debt individuals carry pertains to carrying a revolving balance on a credit card. Should a couple choose to open a joint credit card account, any remaining balance on this account will be deemed marital property during divorce proceedings. Auto loans are another common source of debt among married couples, and if both names are listed on the loan, the credit scores of each party may suffer should payments on the loan fall behind.

Car accidents: Multiple-vehicle collision leaves 6 with injuries

Being involved in a head-on crash can be a scary and stressful experience. Car accidents that take place when a vehicle crosses into the wrong lane of traffic run a greater risk of leaving those involved with serious injuries and facing a long road to recovery. As many as six individuals were rushed to a medical facility following a recent multiple-vehicle crash that took place in Montana.

The accident reportedly took place on a recent Saturday morning and involved three vehicles. Initial investigations indicate that it occurred when the driver of a southbound vehicle suddenly drifted across the median and struck a second vehicle. The driver of a motorcycle was reportedly unable to stop in time to avoid the crash and proceeded to collide with the second vehicle shortly thereafter.

Car accidents: 3 killed in recent crash

Three individuals have died in a recent crash that took place after a car struck a guardrail and veered into an oncoming lane in Montana. Car accidents involving similar circumstances can have devastating outcomes. Families who lose someone close in a fatal crash due to the actions of another party may be left in search of answers, and in some cases, they may wish to pursue accountability through the civil justice system.

Authorities indicated that the accident took place at around 7 a.m. on a recent Monday. According to reports, the driver of a northbound car lost control and struck a guardrail before veering into southbound lanes. The car proceeded to collide with a second vehicles shortly thereafter and the resulting collision forced authorities to close the road for several hours while an investigation was underway.

Giving away assets is a common tactic to hide them

You're worried that your spouse is going to hide assets during the divorce. You've been trying to put together a mental list of all of the way that they may do so. Maybe they'll open up offshore accounts. Maybe they have a safety deposit box stuffed with cash. Maybe they transferred personal assets to their business to make them less visible.

These are all tactics that people use, and you need to be wary of them. You need to know what red flags to watch out for. Hiding assets and lying about it in court is illegal, but that does not necessarily mean your spouse won't try it.

Car accidents: 1 injured after car runs stop sign in Montana

The chances that a collision will occur increase substantially when drivers fail to adhere to traffic lights or stop signs upon entering an intersection. Car accidents that occur under similar circumstances often leave other drivers with little time to stop or steer clear of such negligence and the results of such a crash can prove catastrophic. One person was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries following a recent crash that took place in Montana.

Law enforcement agents responded to reports of the crash on a recent Saturday evening. According to initial investigations, the accident occurred when the driver of a southbound car failed to stop for a stop sign upon approaching an intersection. The car crashed into an eastbound truck shortly thereafter and the impact of the crash forced the truck to roll over before coming to a stop on its roof.

Car accidents: Head-on crash kills 2 in Montana

It can take little more than a moment of distraction for a vehicle to drift into the opposite lane of traffic. In this brief moment, the chances of a collision increase substantially and car accidents that take place under similar circumstances can have catastrophic results. Two individuals were killed in a recent collision after a driver lost control and veered into an oncoming lane in Montana.

Law enforcement agents advised that the incident took place on a recent Wednesday night. The accident reportedly occurred when, for reasons still unknown, the driver of an eastbound truck suddenly drifted into the opposite lane of traffic. His truck proceeded to collided head-on with a westbound vehicle shortly thereafter and the impact of the crash forced both vehicles to spin out before coming to a rest within the lanes of traffic.

Late-night car accident kills 1, injures 1 in Montana

Individuals who choose to ride as a passenger in a motor vehicle may have little control over the decisions and actions of the driver. Should the driver of a vehicle choose to travel at a high rate of speed or while under the influence of alcohol, the safety of the passengers may be placed at risk in the process. One person was killed and another injured in a recent car accident involving similar circumstances in Montana.

Authorities responded to reports of the crash just before 3 a.m. on a recent Sunday. According to reports, the accident occurred when a driver lost control of a truck upon entering an intersection and veered off the road. Police advised that the truck collided with several trees shortly thereafter and stated that initial investigations indicate that the driver likely made no attempt to brake before exiting the road.