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Failure to see red light may have led to 3 car crash

It's extremely fortunate that no one was injured in a three-way crash that recently occurred in Montana.  As it appears that one of the drivers did not see a red light and entered an intersection, a minivan ended up sitting on top of another vehicle.

The accident occurred in late November at around 10:30 a.m.  One motorist was waiting at a red light in a pickup.  A second motorist driving the minivan then entered the intersection on a green light.  The third motorist carrying three passengers (including two children) then entered the intersection on a red light. 

A police officer stated that the sun may have blinded the driver that had the red light.  Firefighters also attended the scene of the crash.  Also, the crash resulted in shutting down a southbound lane of a highway.  The children were checked out in an ambulance, but they appeared to be uninjured.

Accidents involving motorists failing to observe traffic signals or traffic signs are all-too-common.  Though it's doubtful that the driver of the car intentionally did anything wrong in this accident, simple inattention or failure to take precaution when entering an intersection can result in serious injury.

Personal injury attorneys can investigate such crashes and assist individuals that are injured to recover compensation.  The injuries in car accidents can be quite varied and involve anything from minor pain to traumatic brain injuries.  Those injured may not understand what their legal options are or how they will be able to support themselves or family members in the event of an accident.  Attorneys can guide them through this process.


Source: Daily Inter, "Crash leaves minivan on top of car," Jesse Davis, Nov. 26, 2013

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