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Robotic device malfunction leads to medical malpractice verdict

Two individuals now residing in Montana were awarded more than $100,000 concerning a medical malpractice lawsuit.  The jury awarded the couple $10,500 for medical expenses.  An additional $100,000 was awarded concerning compensation for physical pain and mental anguish.

A gynecologist was accused of medical malpractice for his role in the robotic surgery that took place in 2007.  It is claimed that the surgery resulted in the healthy ovary of the woman being removed.  Also it was reported that a piece of plastic was inadvertently left inside of the patient during the surgical procedure.

The doctor was using a da Vinci robotic device that was said to have malfunctioned during the September 28, 2007 surgery.  The foreign objects that were left in the patient's body reportedly caused the woman pain, but these objects were only discovered around three years later during a CT scan in Montana.  These objects then were removed from the pelvis.

Apparently this doctor had faced corrective action by a medical board in 2004 where questions arose concerning his hysterectomy procedures.  The investigation into that matter was discontinued in 2006.  Despite past problems, the doctor apparently has been quoted in newspapers concerning women's health and the use of robotic surgery.

We do need to make certain that medical and surgical errors are prevented because such events can often result in life-threatening injuries.  And though medical malpractice lawsuits cannot take back a mistake that has already been made, such a lawsuit can alert medical providers that certain practices will not be tolerated.

Attorneys experienced in the medical malpractice area are needed when filing such matters as these sorts of lawsuits can be particularly complex.  These attorneys may have the knowledge and resources to hold doctors and hospitals accountable for what has occurred.

Source: Mail Tribune, "Jury finds gynecologist liable for malpractice," Sarah Lemon, Nov. 16, 2013

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