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January 2014 Archives

Highway safety group says Montana is failing

If everyone knew what it ultimately meant for their state to be among the top rated for highway safety laws, it is likely that everyone would work to see this come to fruition. Highway safety laws may greatly reduce not only the amount of car accidents, but also the level of injuries and fatalities sustained in these accidents. That is why it is disheartening to know that the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety group has listed Montana as one of the worst states for passing highway safety laws.

Montana is ranked as one of the worst states for emergency care

We trust doctors and medical staff with our lives, and we never dream of the possibility of medical malpractice happening to us or to our loved one. The chance of medical malpractice occurring may be higher now as the 2014 state rankings and report cards for emergency care indicate.

Fatal Montana accident under investigation

One man was recently killed and another listed in critical condition due to a Montana crash.  A pickup truck being driven apparently crossed the center line of the road and crashed into a NorthWestern Energy Truck.  The passenger of the pickup truck died as a result of the car accident.

Montana truck accident on I-90 results in two fatalities

Investigation concerning a December 27th accident involving three separate vehicles seemed to indicate that speed was a factor in the crash.  The events of the accident began with a semi-truck crashing into a median on I-90.  A driver of a pickup truck having observed what occurred then stopped to help the semi-driver out.  

Number of fatal crashes increased by 10 percent in Montana

While police in Montana worked hard in 2013 to prevent alcohol-related auto accidents, the state still saw a 10-percent increase in fatal collisions over the course of the year. Alcohol was a factor in 30 percent fewer deadly crashes than in 2012, but the number of traffic fatalities statewide still came to 224 in 2013, compared to 204 deaths a year before.