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Montana is ranked as one of the worst states for emergency care

We trust doctors and medical staff with our lives, and we never dream of the possibility of medical malpractice happening to us or to our loved one. The chance of medical malpractice occurring may be higher now as the 2014 state rankings and report cards for emergency care indicate.

The American College of Emergency Physicians reported that government support for emergency care has become worse in the past five years. The government now has a grade of D+ for policy support for emergency care. Five years ago it was a C-. Montana is ranked in the final four worst states within the U.S. for emergency care.

The grades and ranking are based on factors such as, disaster preparedness, emergency care accessibility, medical liability environment, quality and patient safety environment, and public health and prevention of injury. Medical malpractice falls under the medical liability environment category.

Though we do not want to believe it, doctors often make serious and even fatal medical errors. Although the national rating for medical liability environment remains the same as it was five years ago, it still sits at a C-, leaving substantial room for improvement. It is a doctor’s job to be careful in order to prevent or reduce the incidence of mistakes. They are responsible for their patient’s lives, and their patients put a lot of trust in them.

Being injured or witnessing a loved one dying due to medical malpractice is an unnecessary tragedy. Doctors and medical staff should not get away with making mistakes when people’s lives are in their hands. Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit seeking financial compensation can help relieve your stress and emotional distress during the event of medical malpractice.

Source: The Huffington Post, “2014 State Rankings Released For Support For Emergency Care,” Jan. 22, 2014

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