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Montana truck accident on I-90 results in two fatalities

Investigation concerning a December 27th accident involving three separate vehicles seemed to indicate that speed was a factor in the crash.  The events of the accident began with a semi-truck crashing into a median on I-90.  A driver of a pickup truck having observed what occurred then stopped to help the semi-driver out.  

Unfortunately, a FedEx truck driver presumably driving by this scene veered out of control and ran into both vehicles.  The driver of the pickup and driver of one of the semis present were killed in this accident. 

Whether one is the driver of a truck or any other kind of motor vehicle, care must be taken when approaching an accident scene. Drivers should slow down and keep an eye out for pedestrians and first responders that are present at the accident scene.

Every driver should understand these simple rules of the road. When it comes to individuals operating commercial trucks and big-rig vehicles, the need to abide by such rules is even more important. The consequences of a truck crashing into other vehicles can be much more severe. Because of this we also need to hold drivers of big-rigs and other commercial vehicles at a higher standard.

We have so far only have been supplied with a limited amount of information concerning how this Montana truck accident occurred. We do not know what officials investigated this accident or how thorough the investigation was. However, personal injury attorneys do have the resources to investigate how such crashes occurred and come to an independent determination. These attorneys can also make certain that victims and their family members will be compensated for what has occurred and not placed in an even worse dilemma concerning how to get on with their lives.

Source: Clark Fork Valley Press, "Two killed in three-vehicle accident," Adam Robertson, Dec. 31, 2013

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