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New safety light kit may prevent motorcycle accidents

Montana motorcyclists are often hit and injured because other drivers fail to check their side and rearview mirrors, and to carefully consider blind spots. With that in mind, extra precaution is vital for motorcyclists due to the lack of protection surrounding them. Clearly, when motorcycle accidents happen, they can lead to serious injuries.

Unique inventions protecting motorcyclists are critical to their continued safety. Since visibility is often an issue in motorcycle crashes, a man in Arizona has invented a safety light kit that can be installed on motorcycles to alert drivers of larger vehicles that a bike is nearby. These safety lights are currently being sold online and are reported to make it easier for motorists to see riders in the vicinity.

These lights may be beneficial for motorcyclists everywhere, but perhaps especially in Montana where so many residents love the freedom of riding a bike on the open road. The lights, which are called Get Lightening Strike, are designed to connect to any motorcycle.

While safety inventions like this one can be helpful, inherent dangers still exist with operating a two- or three-wheeled vehicle on the road. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, it may benefit you to seek legal advice from those who understand the process of proving liability for a crash involving a bike.

An accident reconstruction is generally necessary in these cases. Another obstacle faced by many injured riders is that insurance companies often try to shift blame for a motorcycle accident onto the rider. These companies are often more interested in maintaining profits than in providing adequate coverage for motorists, and injured riders may need a legal advocate to help secure adequate compensation for damages.

Source: My Fox Phoenix, “Valley man invents motorcycle safety light kit,” Anita Roman, Feb. 12, 2014

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