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March 2014 Archives

Montana driver jailed and ordered to pay amputee motorcyclist

Motorcyclists are much more vulnerable to injury than occupants of other vehicles on Montana's roads. While bikers should always be alert to other vehicles, drivers of trucks and cars also have to do their part and remain bike-aware. It goes without saying that drunk driving can severely diminish such awareness.

Yellowstone County truck accident: Crews deal with propane leak

The transportation of potentially volatile chemicals and fuels is a necessary part of sustaining Montana agriculture and industry. Nonetheless, the heavy vehicles that distribute these materials by road are a potential hazard to other drivers. Companies that operate these trucks are obliged to keep them in good mechanical condition to minimize the risk of disaster and injury.

$2.7 million awarded to woman in uninsured driver case

A Montana federal jury awarded a woman $2.7 million in damages after an insurance company did not agree to pay a claim on her insurance policy. The woman filed the claim after her husband was killed by an uninsured driver who was under the influence of drugs.

Medical malpractice: $7.5 million awarded in nerve damage case

Doctors play a critical role in the health of our society. We trust the advice of doctors on serious issues concerning our health and hope our physicians make very cautious assessments. If a medical caregiver makes surgical errors when operating on a patient or fails to make a correct diagnosis, it is important the responsible party is held accountable for his or her mistakes. Losing a loved one or having a relative become permanently injured due to a medical mistake can be devastating for any family.