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April 2014 Archives

Bad economy not only factor in underinsured driver risk

In tough economic times, people are quick to look for ways to save some money and reduce their overall expenses. Some fear this raises the risk of more uninsured drivers. When gas prices skyrocket, finding ways to reduce those particular costs moves up the list of priorities for many. One such option employed by individuals and communities involves ride-sharing. Such services can help passengers reduce their own transportation costs, which is why they becoming so popular and may become common in Montana cities.

Tragic bus-truck crash still under investigation

Everyone knows that when auto accidents happen, the cost can be high. In addition to pain and suffering, medical bills and lost income from time off work can put a strain on victims and their families. Unfortunately, many residents of Montana are no strangers to such accidents.

Authorities report alarming number of wrong-way drivers on I-90

As you can imagine, head-on collisions are some of the most dangerous on the road. Unfortunately, injured victims and grieving families are often left awaiting the outcome of a criminal trial after a wrong-way driver has caused an accident. Those suffering the effects of such a crash should also know that there may be legal avenues for achieving justice beyond criminal court.

How does Montana rank in medical malpractice payouts?

How much are Americans being awarded in malpractice cases against medical professionals? Data have just been released that may be interesting to anyone considering filing a lawsuit against a doctor in Montana.