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Authorities report alarming number of wrong-way drivers on I-90

As you can imagine, head-on collisions are some of the most dangerous on the road. Unfortunately, injured victims and grieving families are often left awaiting the outcome of a criminal trial after a wrong-way driver has caused an accident. Those suffering the effects of such a crash should also know that there may be legal avenues for achieving justice beyond criminal court.

Many wrong-way drivers are drunk drivers, and police say that was the case recently in Missoula County. A Butte man was arrested after driving on Interstate 90 for about 20 miles in the wrong direction. According to a sheriff's department spokesperson, the man was so drunk that he was unaware that he was even driving. Authorities even postponed booking the man into jail because of his high level of intoxication.

Luckily, no one was hurt or killed because of the driver's actions. This latest was his third DUI arrest.

The spokeswoman from the sheriff's department said that wrong-way driving occurs somewhat frequently on I-90, and authorities are often "racing against time" to prevent catastrophe. In almost every instance, the wrong-way drivers are intoxicated in some way.

This troubling news underscores the harsh reality that responsible drivers are often victimized by wrongdoers on the road. Victims and their families are often left with immense physical, emotional and financial losses after an auto accident. If you find yourself faced with such a burden, then a personal injury attorney can assess the full cost of the damages and aggressively pursue the maximum in compensation.

Source: Montana Standard, "Butte man driving wrong way on I-90 arrested for DUI in Missoula County," Kathryn Haake Missoulian, April 8, 2014

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