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Tragic bus-truck crash still under investigation

Everyone knows that when auto accidents happen, the cost can be high. In addition to pain and suffering, medical bills and lost income from time off work can put a strain on victims and their families. Unfortunately, many residents of Montana are no strangers to such accidents.

One such crash occurred recently in California. A FedEx semi-truck collided with a bus full of high school students. The collision and the resulting fire took the lives of 10 people, with more than 30 being transported to hospitals in the area. Among the deceased were the two drivers, five students and three chaperones. A witness to the incident reported seeing flames issuing from the underside of the truck before the collision.

Investigators are doing all they can to determine the exact cause of the accident. Among their questions are whether the bus passengers were wearing seatbelts and whether either of the drivers was intoxicated or had been affected by smoke from the alleged fire. Tire marks on the road indicate that the bus driver attempted to avoid the crash.

Another part of the inquiry will be to determine what occurred in the truck driver's final hours. The truck's computer, which could have shown the vehicle's speed, has been destroyed. Investigators are also looking into other possible causes, such as cell phone use or fatigue on the part of the truck driver.

This tragic accident has grabbed the attention of motorists throughout the country, and we should all be aware of the risks associated with large vehicles on our nation's interstates. When trucks are involved in accidents, it is extremely important to determine the exact cause and hold any responsible parties accountable. Driver error or fatigue, insufficient training or poorly maintained vehicles can all be factors.

If you have been injured because of the negligence of a truck driver or a trucking company, then you should be aware of your options for receiving compensation for medical costs and recovering damages.


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