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May 2014 Archives

Medical malpractice suit filed in jail birth and subsequent death

When you think of medical malpractice suits in Montana, you generally think of hospitals and doctor's offices and not jail, right? But medical negligence can happen almost anywhere. Being denied medical attention in any setting can amount to medical malpractice, as a recent case in Texas demonstrates.

Semi-truck hit-and-run accident leaves 2 injured

Truck accidents are generally more catastrophic than crashes involving normal passenger vehicles. They are hulking beasts, 10 times the size and 10 times the weight of a standard car, so when they collide, the car and sometimes its driver, are left with severe injuries. So, how does a gigantic, plodding semi-truck get away with a hit-and-run accident? Fairly easily, it seems.

Montana drivers court danger by texting and driving

Distracted driving is becoming a nationwide epidemic. Montana is no different when it comes to having distracted and negligent drivers on the road contributing to the numerous car accidents that occur. Data from various sources indicates that teens are particularly at risk for becoming unsafe drivers on the road. In fact, an estimated 61 percent of Montana teens use their cellphone while driving and an estimated 56 percent are texting and driving.

Medical complications put dental patient in semi-coma

Getting and maintaining good oral health is an important part of having good overall medical health. Though jokes abound about visits to the dentist's office, few expect the “nightmare” of a dental visit to turn into the nightmare of medical complications. One family is now going through what one member calls a “hellish ordeal.” This is due to his daughter ending up in a coma from what should have been a routine wisdom tooth extraction.

DUI and speed suspected in automobile motorcycle collision

Two motorcyclists were recently injured and taken to the hospital following a collision with an automobile. Non-life threatening physical injuries were suffered by the male motorcycle driver, but the female motorcycle passenger is in critical condition. The automobile driver is reported to be in stable condition. Police suspect the automobile driver of speeding and of being under the influence.