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DUI and speed suspected in automobile motorcycle collision

Two motorcyclists were recently injured and taken to the hospital following a collision with an automobile. Non-life threatening physical injuries were suffered by the male motorcycle driver, but the female motorcycle passenger is in critical condition. The automobile driver is reported to be in stable condition. Police suspect the automobile driver of speeding and of being under the influence.

While this accident happened in Las Vegas and not Montana, the tragic realities those involved face apply to victims of accidents in any state. Motorcyclists are at particular risk of suffering more serious injuries than their counterparts in automobiles when it comes to automobile-motorcycle accidents.

Any accident on a motorcycle can be a bad one, but when an automobile is also involved, it can make matters worse. Hitting the pavement at a high speed is dangerous, but getting hit by a massive hunk of moving metal is infinitely worse. When that vehicle is also coming at high speed or under the control of a person who is under the influence, the risks to the motorcyclist increases exponentially.

When motorcyclists are injured in such accidents, there can be traumatic injury and a lifetime of recovery, physical therapy and even disability ahead of them. There can also be serious financial hardship for the motorcycle accident victim due to high medical costs, lost wages and other injury and accident-related expenses. It can feel overwhelming to face not only the trauma of the accident, but the recovery process, the ways in which life may be changed due to the accident and then massive medical bills and other expenses on top of all of it.

Victims of accidents such as these have options available to them to help ease some of their suffering. The law provides some remedies that can help cover accident-related expenses and a Montana attorney may be able to help you determine what your best path of recourse is. There is no reason why faultless victims should have to bear such a massive burden as the medical expenses from a motorcycle-automobile accident.

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal, “Lake Mead near Pecos reopens after 2-vehicle accident,” Cassandra Taloma, April 21, 2014

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