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Semi-truck hit-and-run accident leaves 2 injured

Truck accidents are generally more catastrophic than crashes involving normal passenger vehicles. They are hulking beasts, 10 times the size and 10 times the weight of a standard car, so when they collide, the car and sometimes its driver, are left with severe injuries. So, how does a gigantic, plodding semi-truck get away with a hit-and-run accident? Fairly easily, it seems.

According to an 18-wheeler driver who witnessed the accident, the semi pulled into the lane of another vehicle, a black Ford Taurus. When the driver of the Taurus swerved to avoid a collision, control was lost, causing the car to careen off the road and flip several times. When the car came to rest, it was completely crushed. Despite the carnage, the two people in the car were wearing their seat belts and miraculously survived. Both broke several bones in the crash.

Though the two vehicles never made contact, the accident is considered a hit-and-run because the semi-truck caused a crash and then fled the scene. According to a representative for the State Police, even if the truck driver wasn’t aware of the accident, as is sometimes the case, he or she is still at fault. Police are investigating the crash and searching for the truck. Unfortunately, neither the people in the Taurus nor the witness could report on the license plate number or even the color of the truck.

Even though this accident didn’t occur in Montana, 18-wheeler accidents are all too common in The Treasure State. Anyone who’s been injured thanks to the negligence of a truck driver would do well to contact a Montana attorney, who may be able secure compensation for medical expenses and loss of wages. 

Source:, “Police search for 18-wheeler that caused horrific crash in Luling,” Kyle Barnett, May 16, 2014

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