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July 2014 Archives

Proper maintenance can help prevent motorcycle accidents

Montana motorcycle riders are privileged with an abundance of scenic routes on which to travel. But, when out and about, motorcyclists must always be on the alert for potential road hazards. Motorcycle accidents can result from many different causes. Some of these causes, such as negligent motorists or debris on the roadway, are out of the rider's control. But, accidents can also be caused by improper motorcycle maintenance.

Woman receives settlement for underinsured motorist claim

There are motorists in Montana who carry a level of auto insurance that is insufficient for covering the costs of damages they may cause in an accident. In fact, some drivers simply have no coverage at all. In order to ensure that we receive compensation for damages that we incur when getting in an accident with such drivers, we may be able to add uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage to our insurance plans.

Inexperience with new medical devices can cause doctor errors

Whenever we have surgery, we trust the that our doctors have the requisite training and skill to perform the procedure safely. But new surgical innovations can be brought into the medical field without established training requirements. This means a doctor could use a surgical tool while still working through a learning curve.

Some truck drivers not adhering to new rules

Semi-trucks are a familiar sight all hours of the day on Montana roadways. Given their need to stay on schedule, truck drivers and truck companies generally want their big rigs to stay in motion whenever possible. But due to legal and practical requirements, drivers at some point must pull over and take a break.

Husband and wife severely injured in motorcycle accident

Motorcycle riders of Montana have it like no other riders in the United States. The roadway running through the big sky country sets everyone on a motorcycle ringside for some of the most spectacular scenery imaginable.