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Proper maintenance can help prevent motorcycle accidents

Montana motorcycle riders are privileged with an abundance of scenic routes on which to travel. But, when out and about, motorcyclists must always be on the alert for potential road hazards. Motorcycle accidents can result from many different causes. Some of these causes, such as negligent motorists or debris on the roadway, are out of the rider's control. But, accidents can also be caused by improper motorcycle maintenance.

The following is a short list of items for motorcyclists to check prior to taking to the road.

  • Follow the procedures outlined in your maintenance manual and check the fluids. Also, change the oil if it is due.
  • Check to make sure all lights are operational. You can easily examine the basic lights by switching on the ignition and taking a stroll around the motorcycle. Also check turn signals.
  • Make sure the throttle grips are secure by giving them a firm twist.
  • Inspect the mirrors to make sure they are secured tightly enough that they will not move if hit by a strong breeze while out on a ride.
  • Wheel inspection should include checking brake pads and tire pressure. Also, should motorcycle not have been ridden in a while, be sure the tires have not hardened and lost traction.

This is only a short summary of important items to check. What is important is the motorcycle riders do all that is in their power to stay safe while on the road. Often riders can find themselves in extremely vulnerable positions when jockeying for room on the road with aggressive or negligent drivers.

When motorcyclists get knocked from their seats, they have no real protection from whatever they impact with. As such, their collisions can produce very serious injuries that require not only medical attention, but also evaluation regarding their long term severity.

If you have been in a collision, you may wish to seek aid from a Montana accident attorney who has familiarity with looking at medical assessments which can determine your true future needs.

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