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How can I tell if a motorcycle is the right size for me?

A motorcycle is a great way to put some extra fun into getting around. However, motorcycle accidents have a potential for causing serious injury to riders. So, if you are someone who cannot resist the call to hop on a motorcycle and ride on down the road, then you must take precautions. 

One of the most important steps in starting to ride is, of course, purchasing your first motorcycle. In order to ride safely and comfortably, you need a bike that fits you properly. So how can you test to see if a motorcycle is the right size? The following checks may help you out when considering a motorcycle for purchase:

  • While seated on the motorcycle, extend your arms toward the handle bars and grab a hold of the hand rests. You don't want to have to stretch, nor do you want your arms bent awkwardly while holding the hand rests. The hand rests should be within a comfortable distance.
  • Grab the handlebars and test the brake and clutch levers. Use your four fingers to pull the levers. Your thumb should stay secure on the grip of the handlebar.
  • When you stand astride the motorcycle, both of your feet should be squarely on the ground. Leaning in either direction to touch the ground is an indicator that the motorcycle is too large for you.
  • While the motorcycle is supported by the belly stand, place your feet on the running boards or on the foot pegs. Check and make sure that your knees are not up too high. Also, check to see if you can reach the brake and shift levers comfortably.

Motorcyclists must do all they can to ensure their own safety. But, even if all precautions are taken, a motorcyclist can still be injured.

If you are in a motorcycle accident, you may sustain very serious or even debilitating injuries. In seeking compensation, you need to account for the full measure of your injuries. A Montana accident attorney may be able to look at your medical records and compile an assessment that will help you receive compensation that is appropriate to your condition.

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