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Montana sees more fatal car accidents during summer months

Given the very difficult road conditions caused by weather in the winter, one might assume that Montana’s roadways would be safer to travel on during the summer months. But this is not the case; it is the summer that produces the highest number of deadly car accidents on Montana highways.

As of July 28 of this year, 99 fatalities had been counted by the Montana Highway Patrol for the year. There have been eight motorcycle deaths and five pedestrian fatalities. While these numbers are far from comforting, they do represent a decrease from last year.

Preliminary data from the MHP gives indication that consumption of alcohol factored into, at minimum, 27 highway fatalities so far this year. Because there is not always clear evidence indicating alcohol use at the site of an accident, this number is expected to perhaps be even bigger. Information from lab reports will be analyzed by the Montana Department of Transportation to generate more accurate figures.

This year’s traffic fatality statistics thus far may not be quite as bad as last year and hopefully the trend will hold. However, the summer is not over and Montana’s most dangerous season continues to roll on.

An auto accident, causing serious or fatal injuries, can leave indelible marks on all those involved. Some accidents result in victims requiring long-term medical treatment. In the case of fatal accidents, the family of the deceased must endure the pain and suffering that comes with the loss of a loved one.

Many of the difficult circumstances created by a serious car accident can result in a great need for financial relief. Unfortunately, sometimes, insurance companies do not want to pay the full amount a victim or their family should receive. A Montana accident attorney, who is familiar with the way in which insurance companies conduct business, may be able to provide you with guidance as you seek fair compensation.

Source: The Montana Standard, “Summer: Montana’s deadliest season on highways,” July 31, 2014

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