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September 2014 Archives

Right clothing helps decrease severity of motorcycle accidents

Some of the mystique carried by motorcyclists may be attributed to their attire. Marlon Brando was daring and dashing while wearing his leather jacket in “The Wild Ones.” But for all the enviable cool found in motorcycle clothing, there is also an important function. The correct clothing helps protect riders should they be in an accident.

Clinic issues statement regarding death of famous comedian

Earlier this month, well-known comic Joan Rivers died. The 81-year-old Ms. Rivers had earlier undergone an elective endoscopy procedure at a clinic in Manhattan. While at the clinic, Ms. Rivers experienced medical complications and went into cardiac arrest. She was taken to a hospital where, a week later, she died.

Size differential make truck accidents especially dangerous

The naked eye can easily discern that a tractor trailer is much larger than a regular passenger automobile. But the size is only part of the story; there is also an extreme weight discrepancy between the two kinds of vehicles. Typically, a tractor trailer carrying a full load is at minimum 25 times heavier than an average car.