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Right clothing helps decrease severity of motorcycle accidents

Some of the mystique carried by motorcyclists may be attributed to their attire. Marlon Brando was daring and dashing while wearing his leather jacket in “The Wild Ones.” But for all the enviable cool found in motorcycle clothing, there is also an important function. The correct clothing helps protect riders should they be in an accident.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has put together the following recommendations for protective motorcycle apparel:

  • Pants and jackets ought to be made of a material such as leather or synthetics that are capable of helping to lessen the severity of abrasions caused by falling off a motorcycle.
  • Footwear should provide coverage from the lower legs on down to the feet. The NHTSA gives an especially approving nod to leather boots.
  • Protective eyewear should be in the form of high grade safety glasses or goggles. Also the face shield attached to a helmet will help provide a measure of protection.
  • Gloves made of durable materials are also recommended by the NHTSA. The gloves should allow the wearer to get a good grip without slipping.

Of course, motorcyclists can dress themselves from head to toe in leather or other protective materials, and they will still be very vulnerable to catastrophic injuries. Any rider in a motorcycle accident may end up spending time in the hospital. Medical expenses can mount quickly. If the injuries suffered are to a serious enough degree, then a victim could be looking at multiple surgeries and a long-term period of convalescence.

Insurance can help defray the overwhelming medical costs brought on by a motorcycle accident. But sometimes insurance companies are not willing to pay all that is owed to a victim. A motorcycle accident attorney who deals with these companies and understands their policies may be able to help maximize the payout on any claims you submit for.

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