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October 2014 Archives

Use of anesthesia connected to death of Joan Rivers

Recently, a report was released by the New York City medical examiner regarding the death of comedian Joan Rivers. This post is a follow up to a summary of the case that we wrote previously. What is now known, according to the report, is that Ms. Rivers's death was due to brain damage caused by a shortage of oxygen. The complications occurred when she was undergoing a scoping procedure on her upper gastrointestinal tract at the time of the incident.

Mountain driving can cause problems for vehicles

Many roads in Montana offer a wonderful view of the state’s many mountains. And while the mountains do look spectacular from a distance, a more spectacular view can be had by those who traverse them. But mountain roads are often narrow and winding. Car accidents can easily occur in such conditions and drivers need to take precautions as they make a mountain trek.

Fatigued drivers can cause serious truck accidents

Mile after mile they drive. All year long, through all kinds of weather. Their vehicle is often their second home and their job requires they spend many, many hours inside of it. On top of this, they face the constant challenge of adhering to a very tight schedule. They are truck drivers and given the conditions of their chosen profession, it is little wonder that they are frequently very tired.

Why do some drivers opt to not purchase insurance?

In order to drive our vehicles legally, purchasing auto insurance is a requirement that we all must fulfill. Taking all factors into account, carrying insurance is clearly preferable to taking on the risks of the road without financial coverage.