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Fatigued drivers can cause serious truck accidents

Mile after mile they drive. All year long, through all kinds of weather. Their vehicle is often their second home and their job requires they spend many, many hours inside of it. On top of this, they face the constant challenge of adhering to a very tight schedule. They are truck drivers and given the conditions of their chosen profession, it is little wonder that they are frequently very tired.

Of course, many people have jobs that are tiring, but not everyone is responsible for moving an extremely large and powerful vehicle on roads and highways. If a waitress is fatigued on the job, she may drop a plate of food. If an account and is fatigued on the job, he may misplace a decimal point. When the driver of an 18-wheel tractor trailer is fatigued on the job, he may cause an accident of tragic proportions.

When a tractor trailer collides with a smaller passenger vehicle, physics dictates that the smaller vehicle will take a higher degree of impact. As such, passengers in a car can end up being seriously injured or even killed.

Attempting to get full recompense for injuries and damages caused by a truck accident can be complicated. There are so many variables involved in determining which parties actually hold liability. Additionally, the dollar amount attributable to costs such as medical expenses, time lost from work and long-term care may be hard to project.

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