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Mountain driving can cause problems for vehicles

Many roads in Montana offer a wonderful view of the state’s many mountains. And while the mountains do look spectacular from a distance, a more spectacular view can be had by those who traverse them. But mountain roads are often narrow and winding. Car accidents can easily occur in such conditions and drivers need to take precautions as they make a mountain trek.

Driving in higher altitudes means you will be exposing your vehicle to an environment that has a lower level of oxygen. Lower oxygen levels can put extra stress on your car. The National Park Service recommends the following for mountain driving.

  • In order to avoid a loss of power while going uphill, put the car in a lower gear.
  • Vapor lock can cause a vehicle’s engine to fail to start, to run rough or to lose power. You should let a vehicle sit for a half-hour if you believe it is experiencing vapor lock. Also raise the hood and unscrew the fuel cap.
  • Air conditioning can cause a vehicle to lose power, so avoid using it.
  • Only operate the vehicle if the brakes are in good working order.
  • When going downhill, shift the vehicle into a lower gear.
  • Allow the engine to continue running for a minute after stopping.

Taking a trip up a mountain will likely prove a fun and worthwhile experience. But mountain driving must be done carefully and with a vehicle that is well maintained. Unfortunately, not everyone who goes on such an adventure takes the proper precautions. For example, while you are traveling up or down a mountain, you could encounter a negligent driver whose brakes are not up to the task of stopping when necessary.

Should you, in the course of a mountain excursion, experience a car accident, you could find yourself in need of financial compensation. Vehicle collisions can cause passengers serious injuries and cause vehicles extensive damage.

A Montana car accident attorney may be able to help you navigate through the complicated process of securing the monetary recompense you need to cover medical expenses and vehicle repairs.

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