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Pedestrian struck by pickup truck in Billings

In Billings, a 43-year-old man is currently nursing permanent injuries to his knee and face, with jeopardy to his eyesight that he suffered as a result of being struck by a pickup truck. He also suffered other injuries, including broken ribs, a collapsed lung and a bruised colon. The man will have to have surgery to treat his facial and knee injuries.

The accident took place as the man was taking his dog on a neighborhood stroll. The dog was also struck and suffered fatal injuries.

Reportedly, the initial cause of the accident occurred when two vehicles, one of which was the pickup, collided. The impact sent the pickup in the direction of the man and his dog, striking them before crashing into a tree.

No other serious injuries were reported. According to a Billings police sergeant, the drivers of the vehicles were issued blood tests to determine if either was under the influence at the time the accident took place. The results of those tests are still pending.

At present, a police investigation is underway in an effort to figure out who was responsible. This incident underscores the frightening reality of how vulnerable pedestrians can be when involved in a motor vehicle accident.

This man was simply trying to walk his dog when he suddenly experienced a life-altering tragedy. Now he is facing surgery and all the attendant medical expenses.

A victim in such an event will likely have an uphill climb back to a normal life. First, there will be a period of medical treatment and convalescence, during which time the victim may be unable to work. Then there are future expenses for permanent injuries as well as the pain and suffering caused by such a traumatic experience.

Should you or someone you love have the misfortune of being seriously injured in a car accident, you may find that a Montana attorney could help you in your quest to secure compensation for all you have endured.

Source: The Missoulian, “Billings pedestrian hurt in Friday crash lost eye, will need reconstructive surgery,” Nick Balatsos, Chris Cioffi, Nov. 3, 2014

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