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Uninsured motorists costing billions in claims

A report recently published by the Insurance Research Council indicates that while the percentage of drivers lacking insurance has been decreasing slightly within the last 10 years, the cost generated by uninsured motorist claims has notably increased.

The report is called “Uninsured Motorists, 2014 Edition.” It covers the period of time from 2003 to 2012. Within that frame, the report states that there was a drop from 15 to 12.6 percent in uninsured motorists. But this still leaves almost 30 million drivers on U.S. roads with no coverage.

Further, during the time period studied, there was a 75 percent upturn in the amount of money paid out in claims for uninsured motorist accidents. The report issues an estimation of $2.6 billion as the amount these claims tallied.

According to the report’s author, the lowering of the percentage of drivers who don’t carry a policy may be due to people picking up cut-rate insurance. He also states that rising medical expenses will likely mean even more money doled out for uninsured motorist claims.

All of this data spells potential trouble for those sharing the road with the frighteningly high number of drivers who choose to drive with no coverage or with poor coverage. Anyone who gets in an accident with such a driver could find themselves having to work very hard when seeking compensation for injuries or damages.

It may take more than just filing the paperwork to get the money you need and deserve after an accident. Insurance companies can be reticent to pay out benefits on claims involving uninsured drivers. If this happens to you, you may need to have a legal representative go over your policy to help expedite the claims process.

An uninsured driver claims attorney may be able to use their available resources to represent your interests as you strive to get the money required to pay your medical bills and cover any time you lost from work.

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