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December 2014 Archives

TV image of doctors isn't always reality

In the 1970s, actor Robert Young played the title character in the television show "Marcus Welby, M.D." On the show, Dr. Marcus Welby is portrayed as being wise, having a wonderful bedside manner and always being able to give his patients an accurate diagnosis.

How is Montana trying to track uninsured drivers?

On this blog, we have previously discussed the serious problems created by motorists who drive without auto insurance. Between the years 2003 and 2012, literally billions of dollars were paid out by insurance companies to cover damages caused by uninsured drivers. So, what sort of steps has the state of Montana taken in confronting the issue of uninsured drivers?

Alleged drunk driver causes havoc on Montana roadway

We all know how a snowstorm can make driving difficult on Montana roadways. When such conditions exist, it is important to take your time, drive defensively and look out for the other vehicles on the road in order to avoid accidents. One thing you don’t want to encounter is a driver who is driving in an aggressive or dangerous manner.

What steps could help a motorcyclist avoid injury?

If you ride a motorcycle, you may at some point take a spill. Crashes come with the territory. The risk of injury is a trade-off for the joys of getting to cruise the open road on two wheels. So, what can a motorcyclist do to decrease the likelihood of being injured?

What steps can be taken to get a proper diagnosis?

When you are suffering from the symptoms of a medical condition, you may seek treatment from a doctor. One of the first steps a doctor takes in determining the treatment you should receive is to make a diagnosis. Because it can make the difference between your regaining your health or having your condition worsen, an accurate diagnosis is very important.