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Alleged drunk driver causes havoc on Montana roadway

We all know how a snowstorm can make driving difficult on Montana roadways. When such conditions exist, it is important to take your time, drive defensively and look out for the other vehicles on the road in order to avoid accidents. One thing you don’t want to encounter is a driver who is driving in an aggressive or dangerous manner.

It has been reported that recently, some drivers had reason to count their blessings after avoiding a vehicle that came at them in the wrong direction on U.S. 93. The driver of the wrong-way traveling car is said to be a 63-year-old man. According to the charging documents, several vehicles had to veer off the road as the man drove north in a southbound lane.

The alleged incident occurred after an earlier snowstorm had left the surfaces of many roads in the area very slick. Several drivers reported seeing a silver vehicle traveling northbound in the direction of Missoula. The Missoula County Attorney’s Office has an affidavit stating that one woman, who exited the icy road as the northbound car approached, had her 15-month-old daughter on board.

The 63-year-old was arrested in Missoula. It is reported that he was also in possession of a handgun. The deputy who pulled the man over reported that the man’s vehicle and his breath smelled of alcohol. The man is now facing charges of felony criminal endangerment and a first offense charge of driving under the influence.

This situation could have turned out so much worse. When someone gets behind the wheel while intoxicated, all who are on the road are placed in danger. Add slippery conditions to the situation and the possibility for tragedy is magnified.

Those who drive in a negligent manner should be held liable for any injuries or damages their actions cause. If you are harmed by someone who decided to drive while under the influence, a Montana car accident attorney may be able to offer you assistance in your pursuit of fair compensation.

Source: The Ravalli Republic, “Wrong-way driver charged after several cars forced off U.S. 93,” Kim Briggeman, Dec. 2, 2014

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