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What steps can be taken to get a proper diagnosis?

When you are suffering from the symptoms of a medical condition, you may seek treatment from a doctor. One of the first steps a doctor takes in determining the treatment you should receive is to make a diagnosis. Because it can make the difference between your regaining your health or having your condition worsen, an accurate diagnosis is very important.

This is especially true if any form of cancer or other serious condition may be involved. As such, it behooves a patient to take an active role in the diagnosing process. But what can the average person do to better ensure they receive an accurate assessment of their medical health?

What follows are some tips that are offered on the WebMD website regarding what you can do to better your chances of receiving a correct diagnosis.

  • Prior to your appointment, write out everything you wish to discuss with your doctor. Take notes during the appointment.
  • Take along any medications you are using. You want to check with the doctor to make sure you are taking the proper dosage.
  • Find out about your health history. Look into what medical issues other members of your family may have or have had.
  • Give a specific description of your symptoms. For example, if you are feeling pain, tell the doctor if it is a throbbing or a sharp pain. Also, give such details as the frequency and duration of the pain as well as what, if anything, helps make it subside.

Once you have received a diagnosis, you should not hesitate to ask the doctor to elaborate on how they arrived at their conclusion. If you are uncertain that the diagnosis is correct, you may wish to seek a second opinion.

Ultimately, it is up to the medical professional to make an accurate diagnosis and to see that you are properly treated. Should you in some way be harmed due to a misdiagnosis, you may have the basis for a medical malpractice suit.

An attorney who understands how to proceed with a case involving serious injury due to doctor negligence may prove helpful in acquiring compensation.

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