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January 2015 Archives

How can I avoid paying for damage done by an uninsured motorist?

According to estimates made by the Insurance Research Council, one out of seven drivers are uninsured. Should you get hit by an uninsured motorist, you could attempt to sue them for damages. The problem is that anyone who does not have auto insurance may also not have enough money to settle the suit.

Montana's highway fatalities down in 2014

With the start of a new year, we can now begin to look back and assess the events that transpired in 2014. Montana residents may be interested to learn that statistics indicate a downturn in the number of fatalities attributable to accidents on the state’s highways.

Touring Yellowstone by motorcycle requires caution

Yellowstone National Park is a favored spot for both tourists and residents of Montana. With its mountains, geysers and wildlife, the scenery is spectacular. And while taking an automobile tour through the park can make for the trip of a lifetime, the journey can be even better experienced while traveling by motorcycle.

Self-driving trucks are currently in development

It is not uncommon to read stories of tragic accidents that resulted from a truck driver being behind the wheel while fatigued. And while there are laws in place requiring a truck driver to take regular rest breaks, they may not always adhere to them.