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Montana's highway fatalities down in 2014

With the start of a new year, we can now begin to look back and assess the events that transpired in 2014. Montana residents may be interested to learn that statistics indicate a downturn in the number of fatalities attributable to accidents on the state’s highways.

Highway deaths are down from 229 in 2013 to 192 in 2014. This constitutes a decrease of over 16 percent. There were two categories in particular that contributed to this good news. Motorcycle deaths dropped to 23 from 34 in 2013 and pedestrian-involved highway fatalities dipped to 10 last year from 24 the previous year.

While a representative of the Montana Department of Transportation finds this current trend encouraging, she says that an initiative launched by the MDT and others aimed for better. The MDT representative also stated that the department is working on ways to engineer roads for improved safety. She also pointed out that, in Montana, a crash victim could be an hour away from the nearest trauma center. Therefore, the issue of response time is of concern.

So for the most part, Montanans can take some comfort in both the latest statistics and in the efforts put forth by the MDT to make our roads even safer in the future. But sadly, in spite of the work done by the MDT, motor vehicle accidents will continue to happen.

A car accident anywhere can cause victims to suffer serious injuries requiring immediate care. But in Montana, a lot of valuable time can be consumed when transporting a victim to a trauma center. This loss of time could prove critical when addressing brain injuries and other physical issues.

Treatment for injuries resulting from car accidents can be drawn out and expensive. If you are involved in a car accident, a Montana personal injury attorney could investigate the incident to help discover who was responsible. The attorney could also guide you through the process of obtaining compensation.

Source: The Missoulian, “Montana highway fatalities drop 16 percent in 2014,” Kim Briggeman, Jan. 7, 2015

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