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Self-driving trucks are currently in development

It is not uncommon to read stories of tragic accidents that resulted from a truck driver being behind the wheel while fatigued. And while there are laws in place requiring a truck driver to take regular rest breaks, they may not always adhere to them.

The fact is that due to the demands of meeting their delivery schedules, drivers may feel compelled to cut rest stops. So long as we need goods transported from one place to another, we will likely have to worry about fatigued truck drivers as we travel.

But what if it were possible to take the human element out of the process? Automotive companies are currently working on self-driving trucks. While the technology is not ready to make these vehicles roadworthy, reports indicate that there have been some impressive developments.

For example, ZF has built a truck with a double-trailer that can perform some driving functions while being controlled through the use of an app on a tablet. Peterbilt has also been working on a truck that can be driven autonomously.

The idea of a self-driving big rig tooling down the highway may seem far-fetched and even scary. However, there is great financial incentive for such technology to become commonplace. Truck companies are well aware of the problems presented by having humans operating large tractor trailers while under the duress of tight deadlines.

Maybe someday the dangerous circumstances presented by fatigued truckers will be eradicated by technology. But if so, that day is still in the future. As for now, if you are ever involved in a truck accident, you may wish to contact a Montana personal injury attorney. The attorney could help guide you through the process of attempting to acquire compensation.

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