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February 2015 Archives

Is caffeine an effective solution to driver drowsiness?

Getting plenty of sleep is important so we can effectively take on our many responsibilities. One of the most critical responsibilities that many of us share is driving safely. And while it is no secret that it is more likely for someone to be involved in an automobile accident if he or she drives while drowsy, many people still get behind the wheel lacking the rest they need.

Motorcyclist suffers head trauma in Montana accident

Montana's majestic scenery can be the perfect backdrop for an amazing motorcycle ride. But motorcyclists should take care when traveling the roadways. Drivers of passenger vehicles may not always use good judgment when motorcycles are nearby. It's very easy for accidents to occur if a driver does not see a motorcycle approaching.

Oil boom brings opportunities and dangers for truck drivers

The country's recent oil boom has brought with it opportunities and prosperity for many people. The Bakken oil fields have contributed to this overall positive trend. However, in the hurry to get the crude oil out of the ground and on its way to market, new safety concerns have arisen.

Good preparation can help prevent wrong-site surgery

Generally, we hold doctors in high esteem. This can be especially true of surgeons. For most of us, the mind boggles at the work they can do with a scalpel or other tools of their trade. For this reason, we may even be somewhat in awe their skills.