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Motorcyclist suffers head trauma in Montana accident

Montana's majestic scenery can be the perfect backdrop for an amazing motorcycle ride. But motorcyclists should take care when traveling the roadways. Drivers of passenger vehicles may not always use good judgment when motorcycles are nearby. It's very easy for accidents to occur if a driver does not see a motorcycle approaching.

Not long ago, a motorcyclist was airlifted to a hospital in Billings following an accident. A Madison County sheriff reported that the accident took place in Ennis, on Montana Highway 287. According to the sheriff's account, the motorcyclist was traveling east when he collided with an automobile that was pulling onto the highway. Reportedly the motorcyclist was hurled onto the road after striking the front end of the automobile. The sheriff also stated that the motorcyclist did not have a helmet on.

Both the motorcyclist and the driver of the automobile were transported to Madison Valley Hospital. However, the motorcyclist had suffered head trauma and was subsequently flown to the Billings hospital. Police do not believe that alcohol played a role in the crash and the investigation is ongoing.

As this story shows, such a crash can leave a rider with a severe head injury. Often an impact to the head can lead to traumatic brain injuries. Severe brain injuries can alter the course of a victim's entire life. They may suffer any number of permanent symptoms requiring long-term care and treatment.

Should have the misfortune of being in a motorcycle accident, you may find it difficult to collect fair compensation from insurance companies. A Montana personal injury attorney, who is accustomed to dealing with insurance companies, could assess your situation and represent your interests.

Source: Helena Independent Record, "Motorcyclist airlifted to Billings after accident," Feb. 8, 2015

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