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Oil boom brings opportunities and dangers for truck drivers

The country's recent oil boom has brought with it opportunities and prosperity for many people. The Bakken oil fields have contributed to this overall positive trend. However, in the hurry to get the crude oil out of the ground and on its way to market, new safety concerns have arisen.

Tractor-trailers are used to transport oil, heavy equipment and supplies to and from the fields. This traffic often flows along the highways of Montana. This is problematic for several reasons.

One serious issue is that many of the Montana roads that these trucks travel upon were not built to handle the large volume of traffic that has been created by the oil boom. As such, there is an increased risk to all those who drive on these thoroughfares.

Also, truck transport is a 24-hour-a-day proposition. In order to meet the demand of their employers, truck drivers often drive as many hours and miles as they can in a workday. A truck driver must be able to adhere to their schedule and drive safely. Given the difficult circumstances of their job, even the most experienced and careful driver could be involved in an accident.

As a truck driver, if you are injured while on the job, you should be able to collect workers? compensation. However, if your injuries are serious enough, the medical expenses incurred due to the accident may end up being greater than what workers? compensation will cover.

If you are a trucker who is seeking to receive full compensation for injuries suffered while at work, you may wish to contact the law firm of Towe, Ball, Mackey, Sommerfeld & Turner. We offer services that may be able to help you get the money you need to pay for your recovery.

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