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Family files lawsuit against children?s hospital

We rightfully hold high expectations for the care that our family members receive when they go to a hospital for treatment. Medical professionals are required to provide an acceptable level of care in seeing that our loved ones are given their best chance for a full recovery from an illness or injury. A patient could be seriously injured if a doctor or other medical worker fails to follow proper procedures.

Montana residents may find of interest an event unfolding in California. According to their attorney, a family is filing a malpractice suit against a children?s hospital for an unspecified amount of damages.

The matter started in December 2013. The family?s teenage daughter went into the hospital for surgery to have her sleep apnea condition cured. According to the suit, the doctor performing the operation did not adhere to the standard of care required for treating the condition. The suit also claims the doctor became aware the girl possessed a physical condition that could lead to excessive bleeding, but he did not alert the medical staff.

The suit states that following the surgery, the girl?s parents expressed concern that their daughter was coughing up blood. The parents asked for the doctor to look into the situation. Apparently, the doctor did not attend to the child for a prolonged period of time, during which her condition worsened. Ultimately the girl?s heart stopped beating and she was placed on life support at her parent?s behest.

If one of your loved ones is ever harmed while receiving treatment at a health care facility, then answers as to what happened must be forthcoming. Medical errors can leave patients in a worsened condition, or could even be fatal. The results of such errors can be emotionally and financially devastating to a family.

If a member of your family is injured due to a hospital?s or doctor?s negligence, a Montana medical malpractice attorney may be able to provide you with representation when pursuing compensation.

Source: ABC News, "Family of California Teen Declared Brain Dead Sues Hospital for Malpractice," March 3, 2015

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