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Antilock brakes help motorcycles stop more safely

Montana's roads are ideal for extended motorcycle voyages. The mountainous scenery is invigorating. And when the road conditions permit, a rider may want to run his or her motorcycle all the way up to the speed limit. But special caution should always be observed when traveling at higher speeds. It is all too easy to be in an accident caused by an unexpected road hazard.

To lessen the likelihood of being in a crash, motorcyclists should always make sure their brakes are in good working order. Also, when purchasing a motorcycle, riders may wish to consider the advantages offered by antilock braking systems.

So, what are the benefits of motorcycles having antilock braking systems? Well, in testing conditions, motorcycles with antilock brakes demonstrated improved stopping distances on both dry and wet surfaces.

The Highway Loss Data Institute states that 20 percent more collision insurance claims are filed for motorcycles without ABS than those with the system. Further, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that ABS-equipped motorcycles boast a 31 percent lower fatal crash rate.

Such statistics would indicate that antilock brakes may be a worthwhile investment. Still, as motorcyclists likely know, dangers while riding can appear quite suddenly. A negligent driver can cut off a motorcyclist without a moment's notice. Debris that falls from the back of a truck could land right in the path of a moving motorcycle.

Injuries from motorcycle accidents are often very serious in nature. Victims who crash while riding may be faced with very expensive medical bills. If you are hurt due to a motorcycle accident, the services of a Montana personal injury attorney may prove helpful. The attorney could investigate the circumstances of your accident and may be able to aid you in determining how to best seek compensation for your injuries.

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