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Oil boom brought challenges for truck drivers

Truck drivers who travel Montana's roadways must contend with all manner of possible hazards. In the winter, snow storms can make roads extremely dangerous. Montana's wildlife contains many large animals that can step into a truck's path at any time of day or night.

But no matter how capable a truck driver may in dealing with the daily perils of highway driving in Montana, there are some situations that are particularly difficult. For example, the local roads servicing the Bakken oil fields can be particularly treacherous.

The oil boom created a need for trucks to move heavy machinery and other materials through the area. But unfortunately, the roads were simply not built to cater to the level of traffic created by the oil fields.

As a result, anyone traveling on the state's roadways is exposed to an increased level of risk due to the heavy traffic. In such conditions, accidents are much more likely to occur. And accidents that involve trucks can be among the most serious.

Even if a truck driver takes every possible precaution to minimize the risks, accidents can still happen. An 18-wheeler hauling heavy equipment can cause serious injuries and damages when in a collision. Those involved in such accidents may suffer injuries that call for expensive medical treatment and prolonged periods of hospitalization.

If you have been injured in a truck accident on the roads of Billings or eastern Montana and are looking to secure compensation, you may be interested to learn about the legal services offered by Towe, Ball, Mackey, Sommerfeld & Turner. We detail our approach to such cases on the truck accidents page of our website.

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