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Spring rains can bring driving hazards

Spring has begun and Montanans will be enjoying warmer temperatures in the coming months. For the most part, this is terrific news. But some caution is advised because the warmer spring weather may be accompanied by spring rain showers.

A sudden heavy downpour can severely decrease visibility and make driving very treacherous. Serious car accidents can easily occur when rain is coming down, or when the road is left slick and wet by a storm.

But there are measures drivers can take in order to better brave the elements. Here are some tips for driving when it rains:

  • Turn on your headlights, even in a light rain.
  • Because water tends to collect in the outer lanes of roadways, try to stay in the middle lanes.
  • Do not proceed through running water if you cannot see the ground over which it is moving.
  • Be on the lookout for the brake lights of the cars you are behind.
  • When possible, slow down by taking your foot off the accelerator, rather than applying the brakes.

These are just a few things you can do to improve your chances of avoiding an accident in the rain. Unfortunately, sometimes people do not properly account for the drastic changes in road conditions caused by showers. If a driver attempts to maintain normal speeds when the roads are slippery and visibility is low, they can very easily cause a collision.

Car crashes can cause victims very serious injuries. Brain and spinal injuries can be especially devastating and may even cause permanent physical damage. Medical costs for such catastrophic injuries can be very expensive.

If you are injured in a car accident, you might benefit from enlisting the services of a Montana motor vehicle accident attorney. The attorney may be able to help you as you attempt to get a satisfactory financial settlement.

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