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Google claims no accidents caused by self-driving cars

What do accidents caused by drunk drivers, distracted drivers and fatigued drivers all have in common? Well, the cause of such accidents can be traced to human beings using questionable judgment behind the wheel. At present, cars must be operated by human beings and this means that car accidents are often the result of human errors.

But what if cars could drive themselves? This would certainly minimize the possibility of human errors leading to accidents. As it happens, self-driving cars are not only in development, but are being road-tested by tech giant Google. In fact, the company currently has a test fleet of more than 20 of the vehicles. The cars have traveled 1.7 million miles of manual and autonomous driving distance over a six-year period.

According to the director of the Google driverless car venture, during the six-year timeframe, the cars have been in a total of 11 accidents. The director claims the accidents were injury-free and not serious in nature. Moreover, the director states that none of the accidents are attributable to the Google cars.

So, will there come a day when we will be able to travel the roads of Montana free from the worry of being in a serious accident? Perhaps. But for now, car accidents are still of great concern. Victims of serious accidents could suffer brain, spinal or other injuries, leaving them in need of long-term care.

The high cost of medical treatment means that victims will likely need money in the form of compensation. If you or a family member ever suffers harm due to an accident, a Montana personal injury attorney may have the ability to help you get an amount of recompense that is satisfactory to your needs.

Source: PC World, "Google says its self-driving cars have been in only 11 accidents over 1.7 million miles," Zach Miners, May 12, 2015

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