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What should I look for in an auto insurance policy?

Most Montana drivers want to obey the laws of the road. It is in our collective interest to do so. If everyone were to drive within the state's regulations at all times, we would likely be much safer.

Unfortunately, sometimes motorists choose to drive in an unsafe manner. This can lead to serious accidents. Such accidents can be made all the worse if an underinsured or uninsured driver is responsible.

The existence of uninsured drivers makes it that much more important for responsible motorists to be careful when choosing their own insurance policies. But what are some of the important factors of picking coverage?

Here are a few items that are worthy of consideration when auto insurance shopping:

  • Look beyond the price. Cut rate insurance could mean cut rate service when you make a claim. Find out about the claim service and the financial stability of any insurer you are considering.
  • Comparison shop. By looking around and comparing prices of similar services among different companies, you may be able to save money on coverage.
  • Extend your coverage beyond the minimum requirements. While states typically only require a driver to carry auto-insurance liability coverage, you may want to purchase more than just that.

This last point is very important. One of the additional components you might want to purchase is coverage that extends to accidents caused by uninsured and underinsured motorists.

But sometimes having this coverage is not enough. Occasionally, insurance companies do not readily pay for claims involving uninsured drivers. If you ever experience problems getting an insurance company to pay an uninsured coverage claim, a Montana attorney who has knowledge of claims and how to collect fair settlements may be able to offer you help.

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