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How do you avoid being in a truck's no-zone?

Montanans may find themselves in very close proximity to tractor trailers as they travel. But in order to avoid being in a serious collision, it is important to keep your vehicle positioned so truck drivers are well aware of your presence.

Because tractor trailers are so large and long, a truck driver can have a limited frame of visibility around the vehicle. For this reason, when you are driving near a truck, you want to stay out of what are called "no-zones." A no-zone is an area near a truck that the truck driver cannot see.

So what can you do to avoid getting caught in a no-zone? If you are behind a truck, you do not want to tailgate. If you drive too close behind a truck that comes to a sudden stop, you may not have time to avoid a crash.

If you are driving beside a truck, you can get out of a no-zone by positioning yourself so you can see the driver in his or her sideview mirror. If you can see the driver, the driver should be able to see you. This will lessen the likelihood of the driver pulling into your lane.

Finally, if you pass a truck, check your rear-view mirror and make sure you see the truck's entire front end prior to pulling into its lane. Once in the lane, do not reduce speed. Remember, it takes nearly twice as long for a truck to come to a stop as a passenger car.

You can help yourself stay safe on the road by keeping clear of no-zones, but you cannot always compensate for the actions of a fatigued or distracted truck driver. Truck accident victims often suffer serious injuries that leave them with costly medical expenses.

If you have been involved in a truck accident, a Montana personal injury attorney may be able to investigate the incident and help you get compensation.

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