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License plate readers could be used to catch uninsured drivers

At present, many states are attempting to address the issue of uninsured drivers on the road. As we reported in a previous post, more than 12 percent of drivers nationwide are uninsured. And although they could face hefty fines in doing so, many motorists still choose to get behind the wheel without auto insurance.

So perhaps the issue demands more stringent enforcement techniques. This appears to be the opinion of lawmakers in the state of Louisiana. Currently, a bill is in the state Senate that, if passed and signed into law by the governor, would launch a pilot program that employs the use of license plate readers to apprehend uninsured drivers.

The bill calls for the linking of the license plate readers to databases containing state vehicle registration and auto insurance information. One state representative acknowledged that while there are "big brother" concerns, the bill's benefits outweigh its risks.

Is this proposed program the wave of the future? Perhaps, but at present, uninsured drivers can still wreak havoc on Montana's roadways. An accident caused by an uninsured driver can leave victims in a very difficult situation. Receiving compensation for medical expenses and damage could prove very difficult, even for those with insurance that is supposed to cover such accidents.

Therefore, if you should ever be struck by a driver with no insurance, you may wish to contact a Montana motor vehicle accident attorney. The attorney could look over the situation and offer advice on how you may be able to get compensation. The attorney could also represent your interests in the event your insurance company attempts to not pay your due recompense.

Source: The Advocate, "Allowing license plate readers to spot uninsured motorists a step closer to reality in Louisiana," Marsha Shuler, June 11, 2015

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