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Data reveals summer is the most dangerous time for motorcyclists

As many Montana riders will likely tell you, the summer months are great for hitting the open road on a motorcycle. The state's mountainous landscape is nothing short of spectacular and once you start a ride, you may never want to stop.

What's more, it appears that motorcycle popularity is on the upswing. The Motorcycle Industry Council reports that first quarter sales of new motorcycles are up over 8 percent. But a word of caution to all motorcyclists, a study conducted by an insurance company yielded results showing that the warm weather months are the most dangerous time of year for those who ride.

By analyzing claims data, the insurance company found:

  • Motorcycle accidents are most prevalent during June, July and August.
  • Saturdays are especially dangerous. The top five days for motorcycle claims all fall on Saturdays during the summer.
  • Of the top 10 days for highest numbers of claims made by the insurance company's customers, four are in the month of June.
  • July is an extremely dangerous month for motorcyclists. In fact, the study indicates that the claim rate is 78 percent higher in July than the rest of the year's average.

Summer can be a wonderful time for motorcycle riding, but as the findings of this study point out, summer has more than its share of accidents. Riders are advised to take special care. Motorcycle crashes can cause such catastrophic injuries as broken bones and traumatic brain injury. But even if a rider only suffers a case of road rash, he or she will likely need medical treatment.

If you ever suffer injuries in a motorcycle accident, an experienced Montana personal injury attorney could possibly help you get the level of compensation you need for your care.

Source: Claims Journal, "July Most Dangerous Month for Motorcycle Crashes According to Progressive Claims Data," July 2, 2015

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