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August 2015 Archives

Uninsured drivers increase the odds of compensation issues

Sometimes life is a numbers game. For instance, when insurance companies figure the rates they will charge for covering a certain individual, they do so by calculating the odds of that person getting in an accident. Less experienced drivers and those with poor driving records are likely to have to pay higher premiums than experienced drivers with good records.

Unhealthy truck drivers may pose dangers for others

Semi-trucks are a regular sight on Montana's roadways. These big rigs travel all hours of the day and night. Just a cursory glance at these huge vehicles lets you know that you should exercise caution while in their proximity. And while you as a motorist can do what you can to avoid being in accidents with trucks, much of the responsibility resides with the truck drivers.

Things motorcyclists can do to stay safe at night

Motorcyclists who travel Montana's roadways must face a variety of possible dangers, from negligent drivers to potholes and other adverse road conditions. These hazards are difficult enough to contend with while riding in daylight, but under the cloak of nighttime's darkness, these same hazards become all the more threatening.

Data reveals bacteria is a serious threat to hospital patients

When we enter a hospital for treatment, we trust that the doctors and the medical staff will do everything in their power to ensure we have a safe experience. In fact, medical professionals have a responsibility to perform their duties with an acceptable level of competency. And hospital facilities must be maintained so as to eliminate hazards that could cause patients harm.

While driving in Yellowstone, which animals pose hazards?

The mountains, wildlife, thermal springs and other sights make a visit to Yellowstone National Park an unforgettable experience. Driving through the park can be great fun. But it is important to remember that the park's environment is not strictly meant to benefit human beings.