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Data reveals bacteria is a serious threat to hospital patients

When we enter a hospital for treatment, we trust that the doctors and the medical staff will do everything in their power to ensure we have a safe experience. In fact, medical professionals have a responsibility to perform their duties with an acceptable level of competency. And hospital facilities must be maintained so as to eliminate hazards that could cause patients harm.

But one of the most dangerous hazards found in hospitals is too small to be seen by the human eye and its threat is growing stronger. According to a new article published by Consumer Reports, disease-causing bacteria are a serious problem in hospitals.

To demonstrate the severity of the issue, the article cites a CDC report stating how every year nearly 650,000 patients develop infections during their hospital stays. Moreover, around 75,000 of these patients die with these infections.

There is no single culprit causing the bacterial exposure. In some cases, bacteria may enter a patient's body via lines and tubes through which nutrition and medication are being delivered. Infections can also develop at the sites of surgical incisions. And it is possible for certain bacteria to survive for several days on hospital surfaces and equipment, leaving patients vulnerable to infections.

Moreover, incorrectly prescribed antibiotics can make matters even worse. So what this means is that if a patient does develop a bacterial infection during a hospital stay, it may be difficult to trace its exact source.

If you or a family member should ever suffer harm due to an infection caused by a doctor's or a hospital's negligence, you may wish to contact a Montana medical malpractice attorney. By making sure those responsible for your suffering are held accountable, you may be able to receive due compensation.

Source: Consumer Reports, "How your hospital can make you sick," July 29, 2015

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