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Search on for driver allegedly responsible for motorcycle crash

It has been reported that the Montana Highway Patrol is still searching for the driver of a pickup truck that allegedly struck a motorcycle in late July. As a result of the collision, a passenger on the motorcycle broke several ribs, while her fiancé, who was driving the motorcycle, escaped with minor injuries.

Apparently, the incident began when the driver of the pickup tried to engage the driver of a Chevrolet Camaro in a race. It is believed the Camaro did not respond to the pickup's overtures. As a result, the driver found himself trying to slow down but lost control of the pickup. According to a highway patrol trooper, the pickup then drifted into another lane where it collided with the motorcycle.

The pickup's driver did not remain at the scene, but rather took off. The crash is still under investigation and law enforcement officials are trying to find witnesses to help locate the pickup. The trooper says that without better information, it will be difficult to track down the pickup's driver. The trooper also said that hit and runs typically go unsolved.

The couple riding the motorcycle could have been far more seriously injured or perhaps even killed. As it stands, they likely will have some medical expenses. In such hit and run cases, it may be that the only source of compensation that victims have is their own insurance, providing that they have purchased coverage.

But insurance companies do not always want to pay their policyholders the amount they are entitled to. This is why motorcycle accident victims may find it beneficial to have their claim handled by a Montana personal injury attorney. An insurance company may be more willing to issue a fair payout if they know that an attorney is looking out for the interests of the party making the claim.

Source: Daily Inter Lake, "Hit-and-run crash last month still unsolved," Ryan Murray, Aug. 26, 2015

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