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October 2015 Archives

How does loud music negatively affect drivers?

As everyone is likely aware, distracted driving is dangerous driving. Texting and cellphone use while driving has become a primary concern in recent years and with good reason. Still, there are other forms of distraction that drivers engage in. Some of these distractions have been in existence for much longer than the mobile devices that cause so much trouble.

Truck drivers can experience harmful maladies while on the road

There is little doubt that driving a big rig truck can be a grueling endeavor. In fact, we have previously written about the various health issues that truck drivers often face. These issues can include obesity due to having limited healthy dietary choices coupled with remaining stationary while driving.

Montana is great for riding, but motorcycle accidents still occur

As you may be aware, the amazing Evel Knievel hailed from the state of Montana. Is it a coincidence that the man who may be the most famous motorcyclist of all time should come from Big Sky Country? Well, not if you consider just how great Montana is for riding.

Myths could negatively affect important auto insurance decisions

Unfortunately, not everyone makes the smart choice to purchase auto insurance. Others fail to get coverage that is appropriate to their needs. So what could cause motorists to make mistakes in regard to purchasing coverage?