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Truck drivers can experience harmful maladies while on the road

There is little doubt that driving a big rig truck can be a grueling endeavor. In fact, we have previously written about the various health issues that truck drivers often face. These issues can include obesity due to having limited healthy dietary choices coupled with remaining stationary while driving.

However, as it turns out, obesity is only one of the problems truck drivers can face. Here are some other issues that can make a trucker's life more difficult:

  • Experiencing a condition known as Raynaud's phenomenon, which causes a driver's fingers to turn white. This is due to a lack of circulation caused by a driver having to spend prolonged periods of time gripping a vibrating steering wheel.
  • Falling under the spell of what is called "highway hypnosis" or "white-line fever." This condition leads a driver to enter an altered state of reality caused by the tedium of driving on a monotonous stretch of road.
  • Slipping into a state called microsleep. During periods of sleep deprivation, the human brain attempts to sneak in sleep where it can. It can be very easy for a fatigued truck driver to go into a microsleep without even realizing it.

Of these problems that truck drivers sometimes have to deal with, highway hypnosis and microsleep are the most concerning. If a truck driver is not fully alert while operating a big rig, he or she could easily be responsible for causing an accident.

Truck accidents can be especially catastrophic, leaving victims with serious injuries. If you have been in a truck accident that you believe was caused by a truck driver who was fatigued or in some other way negligent while behind the wheel, you may want to contact a Montana personal injury attorney. An experienced attorney can help you fight for the compensation that you need for your recovery.

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